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Teak Tree

Teak Tree can be acquired using an Axe to chop them down. They are found in the eastern part of the Cliff region on the Island, the Lion Island, and the Rain Flower Island.


This can be used in the following recipes:

  • house
  • boomerang


The Teak Tree can be used to:

  • Create Teak Lumber by using a Saw or better on Teak Tree from the ITEM menu. 5x Teak Tree results in 5x Teak Lumber.

Where to Find


The eastern part of the Cliff region on the Island. Face the tree, and use an Axe from the TOOL menu to enter chopping mode. Dark green trees are worth 1x Teak Tree, light green trees are worth 2x Teak Tree. Please note that it is hard to chop if you have early tools.