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Five type of trees. Mango, Pineapple, Coffee, Banana, and Dragon Fruit trees. I noticed only later how lucky I was to get 5 trees from 5 seeds.

The Seed can be found on the ground in the Hedge and Cliff regions of the Island. By planting it, you can grow trees.


The Seed can be:

  • Planted, by facing an open grass/sand space and choosing Seed from the ITEM menu. Once planted, seeds take 12 hours to grow, and will at random turn into a Mango tree, Pineapple tree, Coffee tree, Banana tree, or Dragon Fruit tree. You can punch these trees up to 3 times to gain their fruit. The trees need 1 hour to regenerate once punched. After producing a few fruits, the fruit tree looks rotten and brown. When punching a rotten fruit tree, it disappears.
  • Eaten using the EAT menu for 1 stamina.

Where to Find

On the ground.