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Purple Yams can be acquired by punching a certain pile of leaves on Lion Island. To get to Lion Island you will need a Boat and a Bridge.


Purple Yam can be:

  • Eaten in the EAT menu for 20 stamina.
  • Turned into Purple Yam Cream when using the Mortar in the TOOL menu. 5x Purple Yam will turn into 1x Purple Yam Cream.

Where to Find

A player standing near the Purple Yam bush

Go to Lion Island (Click the link for information on how to get there).Once you enter the forest head west. There should be a zig-zagging line of trees here (You will need to walk forward a tiny bit). Behind one of the trees is a bush just like any other, except punching it will provide you with 1x Purple Yam, not a Potato (you still have the chance of getting an Onion). This bush regrows every four minutes.