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Map to navigate between islands

After crafting a raft and an oar, multiple islands become accessible across the sea. They have been given nicknames here to easily differentiate between them.

After reaching the map's edge, it loops to the other end. Creating a sextant or setting out a green buoy as a landmark lessens the risk of getting lost at sea. If all else fails, getting stamina down to 0 is a sure way to get back to the main island, together with the raft.

Blue Coconut Island

The island containing the Blue Coconut lies to the north-west of the main island, at the very edge of the map, with the coordinates N 100 W 45. It is an extremely small island, easy to miss and containing only two normal palm trees and one large one, where the blue coconut grows. A coconut drops by hitting the tree. You can also climb the tree and cut palm leaves using the sharp knife. Both reset after 1 hour.


Mini Coconut Island

The island containing the Mini Coconut lies to the north-west of the main island, with the coordinates N 40 W 60. Its vegetation consists of palm trees and cassava bushes. A river runs through it, making passage from one side to the other possible only from the sea.

To get to the Mini Coconut, steer to the north-east island and put up 3 Stout Ropes on the cliff to climb it. Shoot the large palm tree with a bow and arrow. The coconut will fall in the pond, flush down the waterfall and travel down the river. At the end, will be swept up on the other side of the river. It can be collected using the boomerang. The tree resets after 1 hour.


White Flower Island

The white flower island lies just north-west of the main island, its closest neighbor, with the coordinates N 8 W 8. It's named after the beautiful white flowers that can be used to make a White Buoy. Updating soon.

Mud Pond Island

Mud pond (aka swamp island) island lies to the north-east of the main island, close to the northern edge of the map, with the coordinates N 87 E 63. It's full of swamps and garbage (hence "mud pond"), teak trees, poisonous plants and four house ruins.

Outside the far left house, a basket can be punched to receive the Spark Plug. In the second house to the left, cut the poisonous grass using a Sharp Knife to receive a Rusty Key.



Mine Island

The island containing the mine lies to the north-east of the main island, with the coordinates N 77 E 58. Here is also where Moths can be caught. The mine lies through a big patch of poisonous grass that has to be walked through. To avoid being poisoned, without using the Sharp Knife to cut the grass, it is possible to climb up the mountain using 4 Stout Ropes, dig a path in the dirt piles above the mine entrance and place 4 more ropes to climb down. The dirt below must be cleared first however.

To enter the mine you need a key (with rust removed). Inside the mine you will find a underground river, a stick of dynamite (hidden in tall grass), two wooden walls labeled ‘stop’ and one wooden wall that you can break through. A door locked with a number code that is part of the end game quest. And a dark hole you must climb down.



Dark Hole/ Gear

  1. Break through the wooden wall.

2. Stand by the dark hole.

3. Release fireflies.

4. Climb down using stout rope.

5. Hit barrel with hammer.

6. Remove water with coconut bowl.

7. You will get gear, an ingredient to fix the boat.

Lemon Island / White Tiger Island

The island containing Lemons, inhabited by white tigers, lies to the north-east of the main island, with the coordinates N 85 E 80. Here is also where Bees can be caught. The island consists of a valley between two cliffs, both of which can be climbed using Stout Ropes. It is a good strategy to seek refuge from the white tigers, as they only spawn and move around in the valley. The white tigers deal high damage and are best fought using a bow and arrow.



Desert Island

The desert island lies to the south-west of the main island, close to the southern edge of the map, with the coordinates S 87 W 50. While walking into the desert during the day, the sunlight becomes strong enough to drain your stamina at a fast rate. All food temporarily becomes spoiled, stopping stamina to be regained in ways other than by using a Tiki Tent. During the night, the threat is replaced with Tigers. They have low health but are dangerous in groups. Their numbers will grow quickly but daylight will scare them away. On the other side of the desert lies a forest of Teak Trees. During the night, if the book on fireflies has been read, Fireflies can be caught.



Teak Wood Island

The Teak Wood island lies just to the south-west of the main island, with the coordinates S 15 W 27. It seems like it has many Teak trees. You can reach the island in the middle of the lake using the Large Log. An ingredient for the boat is found here

Updating soon.

Blue Flower Island

Blue Flower island lies to the south-east of the main island, with the coordinates S 83 E 85, named after its unique blue flowers. The item can be found on the ground at random where the flowers grow. There is a big patch of grass in the middle, with poisonous grass here and there.



Red Flower Island

Red Flower island lies to the south-east of the main island, with the coordinates S 58 E 40. Find a steel plate under a cassava bush. Updating soon.

Moonflower Island

Moonflower Island is located in the Beach area of the main island, on the far left. Swim along the left side of the island and walk onto the beach. This island has many Moonflowers in it hense its name, which can only be found at night.

Lion Island

Lion island is said to be located at S77, you need boat to access it. As you approach it will say “The waves are too high” but if you are using the boat you can keep going.

In the fields and swamps of Lion Island you will find Yellow Butterflies.

There is a small desert to the north. A Lion roams the desert during the night. (Beware, lions are very deadly). Across the desert, at the northern point you will find a mushroom,


  • Lion droppings


  • Lion

City Island and Vacation Island

After you repair the boat you can go to an island at S32. It had city buildings and is completely surrounded by rocks. This is not city island and you can’t get to it in your boat. Let’s call it Vacation Island (aka fake city island).

Place your boat to the right of Vacation Island and sail north. You will pass through a desert-like area where you lose stamina and most of your food is unusable. If you try and pass at night your boat will be swarmed by sharks.

Be sure to bring a supply of liquids and preserved food. (water, coconut water, jerky, dried fish, dried fruit, etc.)

If you survive the desert, you will find City Island at aprox. N 42. Note: You will continue to lose stamina until you enter a building.

See the articles on City Island (stage 2) and the End Game Quest (stage 2) for more info.