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Mysterious tree is an item used in end-game quest.


The item looks slightly more golden than the Palm tree.

Where to Find it

The Mysterious tree can be obtained by using the Strongest Axe on a palm tree located on the island with a river. It is located by traveling by Boat 25 taps south of the island with the Blue Flower, from the Blue Medicine Quest. There is a random palm tree at the northern part of the island.

The path to reach the Mysterious Tree is blocked by rocks until you finish the Book. After you finish the book, the rocks will suddenly disappear.



You can use the Electric Drill on Mysterious tree to obtain Tree Resin.


Unlike the other trees, the Mysterious Tree cannot be processed further by Axes or Saws.

The Mysterious tree is approximately 15 times tougher than Teak trees to chop down.

Strongest Axe is recommended since it gives you 2x reward from chopping trees.

50x Mysterious tree is required for 5x Tree Resin, which is needed for 1x Fuel, which is an ingredient for the mysterious engine.