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Mini Coconut

The Mini Coconut is an item in both stage 1 and 2. It can be acquired by "punching" a specific lone palm tree. The coconut tree regenerates once every 20 minutes.


The Mini coconut can be:

Where to Find

The entrance of the hidden path to the Mini Coconut tree.

Stage 1: There is only one place to find the Mini Coconut, and that is the Forest area of the Island.

The lone palm tree can be found through the Tree Maze in the Forest. Once the hidden path is found to the right of the path, near the south end of the Forest; the player must head in a southeast direction, turn and head southwest, then turn and head southeast again. At this point, the sandy patch where the tree is planted should be visible.

Stage 2: The island containing the Mini Coconut lies to the north-west of the main island, with the coordinates N 40, W 60. See “Other Islands Stage 2” for more info.