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A letter you obtain by using a mallet or hammer on a letter in a bottle after it has washed up on shore.

Reading the letter will activate a quest, which you will have up to 12 hours to complete. In order to complete these quests, you must obtain the items requested in the letter and toss them into the ocean. If you successfully complete a quest, a second letter in a bottle will wash up on shore with a thank you note and a reward.



Rain Flower Quest: The letter writer explains that they have a sick relative and pleads for anyone who gets the letter to send medicine made from a rare flower. Unlike the other letters, which are represented with a rolled-up paper tied with a ribbon, this letter is represented with a tattered page to indicate the sender's lack of wealth.

Teacher's Quest: The letter comes from a teacher who is trying to publish a book to teach students about jewelry from the different islands.

Butler's Quest: The letter comes from a butler whose wealthy employer is a collector of exotic jewelry. His employer is seeking coral necklaces.

Gift for Lover Quest: The letter comes from a man who intends to make a clam shell necklace for his lover but he is unable to obtain them at his place. He requests for 3 clam shells to be furnished into his gift.

Kidnapped Daughter Quest: The letter comes from the parents of a kidnapped daughter. The nutty kidnappers demanded a rather ridiculous ransom of 2 dragon fruits in exchange for the girl.

  • Quest item(s): x2 Dragon Fruit
  • Reward(s): Random (?) (Usually Tree Branches, Small Berries, Rocks, Plants or Nuts)

Grocer Quest: The letter comes from a man who runs a grocery shop on Kirab Island. He doesn't have enough pineapple in stock.

  • Quest item(s): x4 Pineapple
  • Reward(s): Random

Scientist Quest: The letter comes from a scientist who wants to collect the largest coconut from around the islands. He requested for 3 large coconuts.

Quest item(s): x3 Large Coconut

How to send:

Go to the area where the letter in the bottle washed in ( the shore ). Go to the item list and choose the item which need for the quest.

"Do you want to throw ***** into the ocean?" YES.

( Make sure to check the letter again to check the process after the items being washed out of the screen. )