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Large Log is an item in stage 2 that can be used like a raft to cross water.

Hint: Remember to pick up and take your Large Log with you when you leave an area.

Where to find

To get a Large Log you must grow a coconut tree to maturity and chop it down.

To grow a coconut tree follow these steps.

  1. Go to mini coconut island (N40, W60) to get a coconut ‘seed’.
  2. Dig two holes next to each other to make a large hole anywhere you want to plant your tree.
  3. Plant your mini coconut in the hole.
  4. Use a bowl of water from the Coconut Bowl and Fertilizer every 2 hours on the tree.
  5. When the tree is full grown you can punch it to get large coconuts.
  6. Chop down fully grown tree to get a Large Log.