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House from the outside

The House is a Recipe that can be created by combining:

When made it appears on the Island as an area you can enter.

Inside the House

When you build the house can you walk to it like you do with any other area. You will be transported to the outside of the house, a 10x10 log cabin, right in front of the entrance. There are 6 Small Berry bushes along the front of the house, a Palm Tree, and two bushes with pink flowers that cannot be harvested. You can go around either the left side or the right side of the house, both will lead you into the back yard. There are 2 more Palm Trees and 15 potato plants arranged in a 3x5 patch in the back yard. You can even plant fruit or coffee trees anywhere outside the house. If it is raining a Yellow Flower will spawn back here too. Nuts, Plants, and Tree Branches spawn everywhere outside of the house. The interior of the house is fairly bare, the only things inside are a table, a stool, two cauldrons, and a bed. The only thing you can use is a bed, which will full restore your stamina if you use the SLEEP menu while inside of the house area.

Home sweet home


The Glitch was here, Beware (Mad Scientist, Prototype original) The house is useful because you need it to complete the book