Nicobit Wiki

Certain tools can be used to dismantle items.


Use the hammer on:

Source Product (x3-8 items)
Frying Pan Iron plate, Iron pipe
Hand lens Iron plate, glass piece
Old TV Wire, Iron plate, nail, screw
Vacuum Wire, screw, plastic rubbish
Bicycle Strong screw, strong wire, Aluminum pipe
Umbrella Strong wire
Folding chair Strong screw, Aluminum pipe

Electric Guitar = Teak lumber, Iron plate, Strong wire, Strong screw

Toy Piano = plastic rubbish, aluminum pipe)

Phone = wire, screw, Aluminum foil

Acoustic Guitar = Agathis lumber, Strong wire

Camera = wire, screw

Violin = Teak lumber, thread, nail

Luxury Watch = screw


Use the Knife on:

Source Product
Rabbit Meat 1x Raw Steak, 1x Animal Bone
Chicken Meat 2x Raw Steak, 1x Animal Bone
Sheep Meat 2x Raw Steak, 1x Animal Bone, 1x Animal Skin, 1x Sheep Intestines
Boar Meat 5x Raw Steak, 1x Animal Bone, 2x Animal Skin
Tiger Meat 8x Raw Steak, 1x Animal Bone, 4x Animal Skin
White Tiger Meat 8x Raw Steak, 1x Animal Bone, 4x Animal Skin
10x Raw Steak 5x Minced Meat
10x Fillet of Fish 5x Minced Fish
Clam 1x Clam Shell
Pearl Shell 1x Pearl, 1x Beautiful Shell
1-2 Tier Fish 1-4x Fillet of Fish, 1-4x Fishbone
2x Fabric Scrap 5x Thread
Bathrobe 3-8x Fabric Scrap
Ripped T-Shirt 3-8x Fabric Scrap
Panty 3-8x Fabric Scrap
Designer Handbag 3-8 Fabric Scrap, leather
Pine Wood 3x Pine Resin
Acacia Wood 2x Acacia Bark
5x Rubber Wood 1x Natural Rubber
10x Agathis Lumber 5x Agathis Chips
10x Palm Lumber 5x Palm Chips
Strawberry 2x Cut Strawberry
Mango 2x Cut Mango
Pineapple 2x Cut Pineapple
Papaya 2x Cut Papaya
Banana 2x Cut Banana
Dragon Fruit 2x Cut Dragon Fruit
Mangosteen 2x Cut Mangosteen
Starfruit 2x Cut Starfruit
Durian 2x Cut Durian


Use the Mortar on:

Source Product
Herb 10x Herbal Extract
10x Nut Spice
Moonflower 5x Moonflower Juice
10x Cassava 40x Tapioca Starch
10x Raw Steak 5x Minced Meat
10x Fillet of Fish 5x Minced Fish
Lemon Lemon Juice
Mini Coconut 2x Coconut Shell, Coconut Meat
Blue Coconut Coconut Juice


Use the Mallet on:

Source Product
10x Nut 1x Spice
1x Jar 3~8x Glass Piece
1x Letter in a Bottle 1x Letter, 1x Glass Piece
1x Crab 2x Crabmeat, 2x Shell of Crab


Use an Axe on:

Source Product
10x Palm Wood 10x Palm Lumber
10x Agathis Wood 10x Agathis Lumber


  • Use Rust Remover on:
Source Product
Rusted Metal Plate Thick Metal Plate
Source Product
Small Knife Sharp Knife
  • Use a Coconut Bowl in front of the sea or a lake/river to get Seawater or Water.
  • Place Seawater on the ground and wait 4 hours to receive Salt.
  • Use Drill on Teak Lumber to get Teak chips.