Nicobit Wiki

Below are the steps on what you can craft next and collecting what is needed. If you are stuck and realize you have the hammer but seem confused on what to do next here you can see what is available next and how to obtain the resorces for that tool.

- Wooden Knife

The wooden knife is the first of items you will craft and is a tool you will gain through playing the tutorial of the game. You will be asked to collect sticks. 10 sticks are required and can be found on the floor in basically all areas of the game. The sticks for this item will automatically appear once the Wooden Knife is crafted you would have completed the tutorial.

- Bad Fish Pole

With control of your character to go or do anything begin collecting more Sticks and also Plants that will be lying around the floor within the starting area. If you feel they are not appearing fast enough leave and walk back in. Upon having both items on you, the studying for the Bad Fish Pole will appear. Use both Stick and Plant to Study the Tool. After studying is complete, craft this item using more Plants and Sticks. You would have collected enough to complete the Craft. -strategy: collect

- Mallet/Mortar

Do you need something to smash or juice with? Go to the beach and collect some rocks and other stuff. Both a mallet ad a morter need rock. Study fast and you will get the mallet and the mortar.

- Poor axe

Chop the trees! Can you get an ax? Study a Poor Axe and you can chop now. You will encounter palm trees first. Face them, select the poor axe from the tool menu, and you can get into Chopping Mini-game. There are 9 trees in the mini game. Tap a tree to begin chopping. The trees also have a health bar, just like animals. The light green trees give you 2 trees, and the dark green ones give you 1.

- Oil

Many things require oil, such as candles, glue, and rope. But oil is pretty simple to make. The ingredients are 1 plant, 1 stick and 2 nuts. But it does take 15 minutes to study. The rope and glue recipes will appear once you have made some oil.

- Rope/Strong rope/Glue

Need to explore the cliffs? Try making rope first. It requires plant and oil. Then, mash potatoes with the mortar. Study glue, which is oil and mashed potatoes. After you make glue, study Strong Rope. The ingredients are Rope, Glue, and Stick. Make some strong rope, face a cliff and select it from the item menu to place it on the cliff. Note that you cannot move strong rope once it has been placed.

- Rough Fish Pole/Normal fish pole

Wanna catch more fish than just all those screws and nails? Try making these better poles. A rough fish pole introduces the Silver area, but the silver are is very small. It also has a wider bronze section. It needs palm lumber and rope to make. The next upgrade, the Normal Fish pole, needs palm lumber, strong rope and fish bones. It does not add any new colors but it has a wider silver area.

- Rock Axe/Nice Axe

Now that you have entered the cliffs, you have a hard time chopping the cedar trees. Make a rock axe to help chop them easier. A rock axe requires palm tree, rock and rope. The next axe, Nice Axe, reauires you make the Knife. The ingredients are: Palm lumber, rock, and rope.

- Strong Wire

Now here is where the sneakies come in. Hidden in a grove of cedar trees on the cliff, there seems to be something goldish-brown. That is strong wire. It is used in fish nets and some fish poles.

- Steel plate

When you use 2 strong rope to get to the cedar trees and the strong wire, you’ll notice that there are 3 palm trees below the cliff blocking a section of cliff. Use 2 more strong rope to descend the cliff behind the palm trees and walk off the screen. You will be transported to a clearing in the palm forest with lots of rocks. Complete the rock maze, and under one of the rocks is a Steel Plate. The steel plate is needed for the knife, steel axe and strongest axe.

- Knife

Once you have the steel plate, palm lumber, strong rope, screw, and nail, you can study and make the Knife. It takes 1 hour to study. As long as you have discovered the ingredients for the studies, the knife unlocks the 2 sausages, Strong glue, Nice axe, Good Fish pole and Tough fish pole. You can also use it on things, like on palm or cedar or teak lumber to get the respective type of chip. The ONLY use for chips is completing the book.

- Raft/Rain Flower Quest

Sail the seas! Once you have a raft, a blue bottle will float up on shore. Sail to Rain Flower Island. First go north to see small islands. Then go directly east. You will see an island surrounded by rocks and high waves. Go counterclockwise around the group of 4 rocks on the right to get to the island. Climb the 2 cliffs to the area with rain flowers. It must be raining to get the flowers! After you got one, juice the flower with the mortar to get blue medicine. Put it in the jar and throw it in the ocean. Later, another bottle will float up and inside is a recipe for boomerang! Note that you must throw blue medicine IN A JAR, NOT just blue medicine.

- Jam in a Jar/Blue Medicine in a Jar

A jar could be used like a tool, but it appears in the ITEM menu, not the tool menu. Using the jar, you can use Jar on Jam or Blue Medicine. Blue medicine is used to complete the Boomerang quest, so try to get to Rain Flower Island soon.

- Boomerang/Steel Nail

If you are having trouble getting steel nails for the boomerang, you need to make a strong fish net to get them. You only need 1 strong fish net but I recommend a couple. To make a strong fish net, you need strong wire, strong rope and strong thread. Make strong glue with glue and berries after you get the knife. Use the knife on fabric scraps to get Thread. Now, you can study and make Strong thread. And then study and make strong fish nets. You need 3 steel nails to make a boomerang.

-Shovel and Hammer

Once you get the boomerang, punch the rock into the hole between the two palm trees in the cliff area and walk across the rock to get to the teak tree area. At night, a bridge forms at that beach accessed by the cliff area. Walk across the bridge, and throw your boomerang to get the strong screws. Now you study the shovel! After you have made the shovel, punch up all the potato bushes in the teak area. One has a hole beneath it with something in it. Use the shovel from the tool menu on the hole to get iron ingot. Now that you have the iron ingot, you can study the hammer using iron ingot, strong rope and iron pipe. Make the hammer and unlock new possibilities!

- Fertilizer = Shell of Crab/Rabbit Droppings/Chicken Droppings/Sheep Droppings/Boar Droppings

All the ingredients needed to make Fertilizer. Try going round to look for poop. The hardest item to get for Fertilizer is Shell of Crab. Wait at the Beach area for a while to find a Crab, and kill it with a boomerang or sword to get Crab item. Use Hammer on the Crab item to get Shell of Crab.

- Mini Coconut

Get a mini coconut from the palm tree you find after going through the palm tree forest maze. Use your shovel to dig a hole in the sand at the beach area and plant the mini coconut by selecting it in the item menu. Water and fertilize it once every 2 hours. Repeat 3 times to get a fully grown coconut tree.

- Coconut

Once you have a fully grown coconut tree, punch it to get a Coconut. Repeat every 20 minutes, then throw 3 coconuts into the ocean AFTER you get the coconut quest. You will get a reply from the scientist with a book on how to make a boat. You now have a recipe for a boat!

- Teak Lumber

There are a couple ways to get teak lumber: 1. Use a saw, metal saw or golden saw on Teak Tree. A golden saw will triple the teak lumber, you can get the golden saw by fishing. 2. Use any saw or a hammer on a Violin to get teak lumber. Using a saw/hammer on a Violin also unlocks the steel axe/strongest axe study. Also, getting teak lumber is essential for getting the Perfect Fishing Pole.

- Boat

After you finish the coconut quest and get the recipe for a boat, you can get the materials for a boat to go to the city and lion island.

- City island.

The “end goal” (not really) of the game. You need a boat to go there. To reach it, go 60 taps up from the main island and then left until you get to it.

- Lion island

The Lion island is only reachable by boat, go 38 taps left from the main island and then down until you reach it. You need to build a bridge to actually get to the Lion island forest, which is only useful to complete the book.