Nicobit Wiki

The game doesn’t end after you build the boat and escape the island. The End Game quest includes several steps to get to the true ending.

  1. Repair the boat.
  2. Sail to City Island.
  3. Complete the book 100%
  4. Get a Membership Card
  5. Buy a jet ticket
  6. Fly to Vacation Island
  7. True End

City Island

City Island has two buildings, the Airport and The Store. At the Store you can sell luxury items:

  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond Ring
  • Designer Handbag
  • Luxury Watch
  • Crystal
  • Ring

The Airport

To buy a ticket to ride the jet you need a membership card. To get the card, complete the book 100%. On the first page, next to the pile of loot (bottom right corner) is a tiny card. Click on it.

Once you have the membership card, the airport worker will sell you a plane ticket for $50,000.

The True End

After buying the jet you can fly to Vacation Island. The Island where stage 1 ended and stage 2 began. Land the jet and walk to the red umbrella on the beach.

Note: You must un-equip your clothing to enter the beach on Vacation Island.

Sit down In the beach chair to start your vacation [shower of confetti]. Do you know what would make this vacation even better? A sandwich!

Go over to the table and get ingredients for a sandwich. But wait! Your sandwich is missing something. Maybe if you go for a swim you’ll get the inspiration you need for the perfect sandwich.

With your clothes unequipped, go for a swim and you will find a secret island with a lettuce farm. Gather some lettuce and return to shore. You now have the recipe for the sandwich.

Leave the beach and study the sandwich recipe. Finally, make a sandwich, board your jet and fly home.

The End. To be continued?