Drill (stage 2)

See also Electric Drill from stage 1.

Note: the recipe for Drill won’t appear until you have all the ingredients.


  • 1 battery
  • 1 motor
  • 1 drill bit
  • 10 wire
  • 100 teak lumber

Where to find Motor

The motor is found on the far side of the underground lake, in the caves on mine island. Use the Large Log to cross the lake.

Where to find Drill Bit

Before beginning this quest you must first divert the river with a stone, find dynamite, grow a coconut tree and get a Large Log.

Walk up the path created by the dry river bed until you see a large boulder blocking the new river. Blow up the boulder with dynamite. This will allow the river to flow back to the waterfall again.

Using the Large Log, raft up the river until you find a small lake. Pick up your Large Log and use it to cross the lake. Walk up and around until you see a very large palm tree.

Use Bow and Arrow or Golden Boomerang to knock down the large palm tree. It falls over and makes a bridge.

Leave the area and go to your raft.  Sail around the back of the island near the rocks. When the screen zooms in, continue sailing East along the coast line, until you find the palm tree bridge.

Cross the bridge and cut the grass until you find the Drill Bit.


The Drill can be used to make Teak wood shavings from Teak lumber.

The Drill is used to make a “peak hole” into a wooden wall in the mine.

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