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(Large) Coconut can be acquired by "punching" a player-grown coconut tree. Instructions on growing the tree can be seen below. You need three of these to complete the Large Coconut Quest (see below) and get Recipe for Boat.


Can be:

  • Eaten using the EAT menu for 30 stamina.
  • Used to create 1x Coconut Juice by using any saw, any axe, or a Hammer on it from the TOOL menu.
  • Planted like a Seed after using a Shovel to dig a hole area in the Beach part of the Island. Grows a tree identical to one grown with a Mini Coconut.

Growing a Coconut Tree

Once you acquire a Shovel go to the Beach (See Island page for more detail on the Beach) and use it in a sandy area. Once you have dug a hole plant a Mini Coconut. To do this go into your ITEM menu and select the Mini Coconut. Once the Mini Coconut is planted, use the shovel again to fill in the hole. Then use Fertilizer and Bottled Water on the planted coconut. Use Fertilizer and Bottled Water on the tree every two hours and after doing this four times, your tree will be fully grown and produce one (Large) Coconut every hour. To harvest the coconut just "punch" the tree.

Note: In stage 2, you need to dig two holes next to each other to make a hole big enough for the mini coconut.

Large Coconut Quest

Once you have the ability to grow Coconuts a Letter in a Bottle will float up to the shore. Smashing this bottle with a Mallet or Hammer will give you a Letter. This letter will be from a scientist that needs three of the islands largest coconuts for his research. Even though he asks for large coconuts, what he is really looking for is the normal coconuts from the tree you grew. After you send him the three coconuts (To do this, stand by the ocean and use the Coconut in the ITEM menu, then select "Yes" when it asks if you want to throw it into the ocean) another letter in a bottle will eventually arrive on the shore (This will take a long time, but it will be there by the next real life day). Break this bottle and after you read the letter you will receive a copy of the scientist's favorite book, a Recipe for Boat!