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City Island (Not to be confused with Vacation Island) is an island that can only be reached with the boat.

Where to find

After you repair the boat you can go to an island at S32. It has city buildings and is completely surrounded by rocks. This is not City Island and you can’t get to it in your boat. Let’s call it Vacation Island (aka fake city island).

Place your boat to the right of Vacation Island and sail north. You will pass through a desert-like area where you lose stamina and most of your food is unusable. If you try and pass at night your boat will be swarmed by sharks.

Be sure to bring a supply of liquids and preserved food. (water, coconut water, jerky, dried fish, dried fruit, etc.)

If you survive the desert, you will find City Island at aprox. N 42. Note: You will continue to lose stamina until you enter a building.


Jewelry and Designer Goods Store

Similar to the Antique Shop in stage 1, you can sell luxury items here:

  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond Ring
  • Designer Handbag
  • Luxury Watch
  • Crystal
  • Ring

The Airport

To buy a ticket to ride the jet you need a membership card. To get the card, complete the book 100%. On the first page, next to the pile of loot (bottom right corner) is a tiny card. Click on it.

Once you have the membership card, the airport worker will sell you a plane ticket for $50,000.

End game Quest

See End Game Quest (stage 2) for information on what to do after you get to City Island.