Nicobit Wiki

Boat is a item in both stage 1 and 2. See the page ‘boat’ for stage 1 recipe and usage.

Where to find

You can make Boat by repairing the broken boat found in the dry lake bed on the main island.


  • Teak wood x200
  • Oil x100
  • Screw x100
  • Aluminum Pipe x100
  • Natural Rubber x20
  • Gasoline x1
  • Gear x1
  • FRP x1
  • Spark Plug x1

Unique Ingredients


Go to Teak Tree Island (S15, W27). Use Large Log to raft to the island in the lake. Cut tall grass with the sharp knife.


The gear is found at the bottom of a dark hole, in the caves of mine island. To reach it you need to break down a wooden wall, find a ‘natural’ light source, climb down into the hole, open a barrel, then remove the water from the barrel.


The FRP is in the locked gate room in the cave on mine island. To get the code you need to use the drill on a wooden door with the ‘stop’ sign in the cave on mine island.

Spark Plug

(Needs confirmation) The Spark Plug is found in a bucket near an abandoned building on Mud Pond Island (aka swamp island) located at N87, E63.

After Repairing the boat

After you repair the broken boat, you can push it into the lake like you would a white stone.

Next you need to open a path from the lake to the ocean. To do this you need to dig out two large reddish dirt piles.

The get to the first dirt pile, go to the place where you pushed the rock in the hole to divert the river. Use the Large Log to cross the river and then cross two small ponds. Climb two mountain levels using stoat rope. At the top of the mountain is a small lake blocked by a large dirt pile. Dig out the dirt and the water will flood down the mountain and join the river below. Raft down the new waterfalls on your Log all the back to your boat.

A new waterway from the lake where your repaired boat is to the north has appeared, but it blocked from joining the ocean by another large red dirt pile.

Go back to your raft and sail around the north side of the island. Walk down through a path in the trees to the large dirt pile. Dig out the dirt and the new waterway will connect to the ocean. Take your raft up the new river to your boat (you don’t need the raft anymore). Now sail your boat out to sea. You can now reach new islands.