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Rrrring Rrrring 14 August 2017

I would like to be the admin of this wikia.

Well, I love this game and visit this wikia from time to time, but the content seems to be unorganized. This wikia has more than 200 pages, but it's very hard to find the information you need except using the book.

So we need an admin. Would you fellow islanders agree?

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The Island Guy The Island Guy 19 July 2014

Mango Mix-Up

I got a letter in a bottle telling me that someone wanted 4 mangos. I got 4 mangos and decided that you were supposed to throw them into the ocean. When I did all that happened was my mangos floated away and I waited for maybe a minute or two but there was no sign of anything. What did I do wrong?

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Berry the Fish Berry the Fish 27 February 2014

Crumbs and Nevermores

Emm, hullo.

I've never done this before... How does one go about starting something like this? I suppose I've already done that, eh... I doubt I'll have much to say here, but I am happy to have it available!

I am pleased to announce that I finally found a reason to edit a wiki-thing! I have actually made a few pages so far, but the one that pleases me most is the first one, Small Berry! I know it's not kind to play favourites, but there it is.

...Oh, no... The ending... Not even Tim Conway knew how to end his video... (Although, I suppose he was being funny to end the video... It worked on both accounts.) ... I KNOW, a song!

"My name was Captain Kidd, as I sailed, as I sailed,
Oh, my name was Captain Kidd, as I sailed,
My name was Captain Kidd; …

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